An open source laser engraver platform

The Engravinator is a laser engraver designed as an open source project with all the designs, builds and instructions available for free.

Instead of being a laser engraver where you bring the piece to the engraver, we have designed the Engravinator to be an engraver that you bring to your work piece. For example, if you are building a large piece of furniture, you would clamp the Engravinator down to your work piece to engrave your maker's mark.

Currently, we are in the testing phase of the project and will update this site, our GitHub repository and our Twitter account with our progress.

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Engravinator MK1

Awesome Features

Open Source

It's in our DNA. The entire MK1 system is Open Source and open for contributions and collaboration.

Fast and Quiet

By using quality motion components, the Engravinator moves smoothly at up to 10,000 mm/min with 10 micron resolution.


Extruded 2020 aluminum extrusion frame make for a ridged platform that keeps the engraver square while reducing overall weight.


The Engravinator's fully enclosed housing means that while the laser is running, your eyeballs are safe from harm.


With the Engravinator's Open Source design and a community of makers behind it, the Engravinator is super customizable. From frame clamps to a pen plotter to a custom real-time controller, anything's possible.

Assemble Your Own


Buy the parts you need

Our bill of materials has all the parts you need to purchase to build your own Engravinator MK1.


Print the parts you need

Our print list has all the parts you need to print (or have printed) to build the Engravinator MK1.


Assemble the MK1

Once you've got all the parts we've got the build steps all ready for you.


Modify the MK1

Want to take your Engravinator to the next level? Check out the awesome mods available.

Technical Specs

  • 130mm x 130mm working area
  • 345mm x 305mm x 245mm (W x D x H) overall size
  • Under 5kg total weight at full spec
  • Supports common PWM diode laser modules with a 16mm x 40mm M3 mounting pattern
  • Up to 10,000 mm/min on X and 6,000 mm/min on Y travel speed
  • 10 micron resolution (using 1/16 micro-stepping)
  • 8mm linear rods and bearings on both axis
  • Rigid 2020 aluminum extrusion frame
  • Full enclosure for maximum eye safety